Rules and Regulations

All state and local school board policies apply to this location and are in effect.

All entities using the facilities must agree to the guidelines listed in this exhibit.

1. Ongoing, organized groups will not be allowed to have unscheduled activities.
2. All groups will provide their own adult supervision to adequately monitor the facilities used.
Monitoring is to maintain order and prevent vandalism and destruction of facility and adjoining
properties. No unsupervised youth group or organization will be allowed to use the facilities.
3. No tampering, modifying or abusing of the field-watering equipment is allowed.
4. Users must be respectful and considerate of private properties bordering district grounds.
5. Field marking must be done in such a manner that there is no damage or destruction of the
grass (with an approved field marking paint).
6. Portable goals must be set up and taken down each day they are used. Permanent goals must
be pre-approved by the school district before installation.
7. Driving of vehicles on playing fields is prohibited. Parking must be in designated parking areas only.
8. No alcohol, tobacco or drugs are allowed on school district grounds.
9. No loud music or inappropriate conduct.
10. No vandalism or destruction of school property or adjoining properties or equipment is allowed.
11. School's power equipment may only be operated by authorized personnel.
12. Supplies or equipment belonging to the district may not be removed from the premises.
13. No climbing on fences or backstops.
14. No Chewing gum, sunflower seeds, tobacco products, steel cleats, long track spikes, bicycles, discus throwing, golf, javelin throwing, shot put, skateboards, or unauthorized vehicles on the turf.

15. A $50 fee may be applied for snow removal during November-March.

16. No Pets.

17. By approving of this agreement, All groups are agreeing to a hold harmless agreement that indemnifies the district for all facility usage.